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Finding a job easily ranks right on top of any newcomer’s priority list. Achieving employment success can be challenging for anyone. The JSW Program will assist you in determining the best next steps of your own occupation-specific job search by introducing you to successful strategies, resources and supports.

JSW Program offers a number of workshops to help you learn about different elements of the job search process as it pertains to your occupation within a local labour market and to practice what you’ve learned in a guided environment.  The JSW program staff are highly knowledgeable and effective in transmitting their knowledge and providing you with job search tactics that are successful and current including, social media based networking, targeted resumes and interview preparation. Each JSW workshop is carefully designed to address common career-related concerns and tackle job search challenges.

We understand that your job search needs and goals are unique and our program design and its delivery reflects on that:

  • The JSW Program staff will work with you to help you develop your own personalized action plan.
  • You will learn about who to connect with and whether your job search marketing tools are efficiently targeted. 

Your efforts will be supported by trained and knowledgable staff during workshops as well as during individual job search coaching sessions where you will discuss a step-by-step job search mapping specifically tailored to suit your needs.  

During practice workshops you will have opportunities to put into practice the concepts you’ve learned and enhance your job search relevant communication skills advantageously. 

JSW program is tailored for adults and youth and available in daytime, evenings and weekends. 

Join the JSW program today!

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