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JSW Needs Assessment

As a newcomer and an internationally-trained professional, JSW Needs Assessment session will help you define your needs and determine strategic next steps in your own unique job search process. JSW Assessors will take you through a systematic process to determine and address the ‘gaps’, in your job search, and your desired ‘wants’ based on which, your personalized Action Plan will be developed.

Based on the results of the assessment you might be referred to one of the JSW workshops which best meets your needs current.

JSW Workshops

JSW workshops allow you to achieve considerable self-actualization in terms of your own job search.   The workshops are learner-oriented and all workshop activities are designed to help you explore your own occupation and job search journey at your own pace.

The JSW workshops will help you:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem of your own professional skills and accomplishments;

  • Build self-efficacy in your job search

  • Promote self-analysis and empowerment to make own informed choices/next steps;

  • Promote understanding and connections between job search and the Canadian business perspective;

  • Decide, strategically, the next “job search steps” to other programs, services, etc.

Module 1 – Occupation Blueprint

Occupation Blueprint workshop will provide  you with the right insight into Canadian workplace culture, strategic networking techniques, hidden job market, employer expectations, occupation-specific research and leveraging social media for your job search.  You will also learn about contemporary resume formats and which of those are most commonly used in your industry.

Module 2 – Job Search

Job Search workshop will provide you with an overall understanding of numerous methods you can use to successfully job search in Canada.  This workshop also concentrates on helping you learn how to market yourself to a company using a targeted resume and cover letter for a job in your desired occupational field. You will learn about job interviews and practice your job interview skills.

A la Carte Practice Sessions

A la Carte practice workshops were designed to provide opportunities for JSW clients to increase their confidence and ultimately their job search preparedness. 

These short workshops tackle four different and most commonly challenging topics for newcomers:

  1. Writing e-mails for job Search

  2. Building your network using LinkedIn

  3. Networking and Small Talk

  4. Public Speaking


  5. Writing e-mails for job Search

  6. Practice writing an e-mail to send to a group of people for job search.

  7. Practice writing a targeted e-mail to send to one specific person.

  8. Practice writing a targeted thank-you e-mail following a job interview.

  9. Practice writing a targeted e-mail to apply for an advertised job.

  10. Practice writing a targeted cold e-mail to an employer.

  11. Practice the strategies, grammar and techniques of e-mail writing for job search.

  12. Build your confidence with written communication.


  • Building your network using LinkedIn

  • Increase the number of contacts they have on LinkedIn using a variety of strategies.

  • Use a variety of strategies to search for and find potential LinkedIn connections.

  • Connect with groups and recruiters suited to their occupation and/or industry.

  • Write targeted invitation messages to potential LinkedIn connections.

  • Communicate with their LinkedIn connections to build their network.

  • Build their skills and confidence to use LinkedIn as part of their networking.


  • Networking and Small Talk

  • Small talk with others

  • Learn the strategies of small talk

  • Practice introducing themselves

  • Build their confidence to communicate

  • Build their confidence to meet people and build their network (personally and professionally)

  • Participate in a North American cultural norm


  • Public speaking

  • Speak in front of others.

  • Introduce themselves to others.

  • Learn to communicate briefly and concisely.

  • Practice the art of persuasion.

  • Practice answering common questions in social and work situations.

  • Understand communication skills for public speaking and job interviewing are very similar.

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